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Updates | Product Contact Point, Mutual Recognitio...

  The following pages were updated -  Product Contact Point;  Mutual Recognition Regulation;  Mutual Recognition Declaration; and   Lifts with the latest Lifts Database.    
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Goldsmiths and Silversmiths

  The MCCAA has been assigned the responsibility for the Office of the Consul for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths on 1st July 2021 in line with Legal Notice 270 of 2021 which brings into force Act VII of 2021. More details here. 
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Premju Servizz bi Tbissima launched

  The sixth edition of Premju Servizz bi Tbissima was launched by the MCCAA in Paola.  Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection and Public Cleansing, Deo Debattista said how such initiatives put the consumer at the centre of
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Standards and Metrology Institute

The Standardization Directorate of the Standards and Metrology Institute (SMI) is a Maltese independent body set up under the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs (MCCAA) Act (ACT No. VI of 2011) entrusted with the coordination of standardization and related activities at various corporate, national, regional and international levels.  Its main functions are to make, adopt and publish standards in relation to any class, category or type of products and/or services. The Standardization Director...more

Technical Regulations Division

Last updated: 11.09.2020 The setting up of the MCCAA absorbed the responsibilities previously covered under the remit of the Malta Standards Authority, which have now been assigned to two entities, namely the Technical Regulations Division and the Standards and Metrology Institute.  The Technical Regulations Division is responsible for legislation issued by virtue of the Product Safety Act (Cap. 427), the Pesticides Control Act (Cap. 430) and the Food Safety Act (Cap. 449). Furthermore, the Div...more

Office for Competition

  ‘Promoting sound competitive practices to further the attainment and maintenance of well-functioning markets for the benefit of consumers and economic operators’. Competition is the driving force of a market economy. It encourages price and cost reductions, innovation and improvement in quality. The Office for Competition was assigned with the task of protecting competition back in 1995 with the coming into force of the Competition Act. Since then the Competition Act has been significantly am...more

Office for Consumer Affairs

  The Office for Consumer Affairs’ guiding principle is the promotion and protection of consumer rights and welfare. This objective is mainly achieved by fostering a balanced relationship between consumers and traders. Through continuous education and information this Office empowers consumers to deal in the best possible way with the problems they encounter during their purchases. On the other hand, traders and service providers are encouraged to adopt commercial practices that benefit consumer...more