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Useful Link to compare charges of Financial Products and Services and features of Insurance Policies.

By clicking HERE you will be diverted to the Malta Financial Services Authority's (MFSA) website. This database 'mymoneybox' has been created by MFSA and is a useful tool to compare charges of financial products and services and features of insurance policies.

Information from comparative tables generated from MFSA's on-line database should not be interpreted as being recommendations. MFSA cannot give you specific advice on whether a product is suitable for you, so never buy, sell, or change the terms of a product just on the basis of what you see in the tables.

The database is in line with the MFSA's function to promote the general interests and legitimate expectations of consumers, of financial services, and to promote fair competition practices and consumer choice in financial services.

The data has been collected and inputted by MFSA, and although the MFSA tries to ensure that the information on the database is as accurate as possible, you should always confirm details with the financial entity or adviser. If you don't understand how the charge will be applied or if you're not sure how the product you're looking for works, then get advice before reverting back to the tables.

MCCAA cannot be held responsible for the correctness of the data found in this database.