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Batteries and Accumulators

Community legislation on batteries applies to all batteries (exception: batteries used in equipment connected with the protection of Member States' essential security interest and batteries in equipment designed to be sent to space).

The Directive aims at minimising the negative impacts of batteries and accumulators on the environment and also harmonising requirements for the smooth functioning of the internal market. To achieve these objectives, the Directive introduces measures to prohibit the marketing of some batteries containing hazardous substances. It contains measures for establishing schemes aiming at high level of collection and recycling of batteries with quantified collection and recycling targets. The Directive sets out minimum rules for producer responsibility and provisions with regard to labelling of batteries and their removability from equipment.

Labelling & Marking

According to the Batteries and Accumulators Regulations, 2007 (Legal Notice 311 of 2007), accumulators and battery packs shall be appropriately marked with the symbol shown hereunder.  The symbol indicating “separate collection” for all batteries, accumulators and battery packs shall be the crossed-out wheeled bin.

To view the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol CLICK HERE

In addition to this symbol, if the batteries, accumulators and button cells contain more than a given amount of these metals - 0.0005 % mercury (Hg), 0.002 % cadmium (Cd) and 0.004 % lead (Pb) - the crossed-out wheeled bin should be accompanied by a chemical symbol (Hg, Cd, Pb).  In other words, the chemical symbol always accompanies the crossed-out wheeled bin, never as a stand-alone label.