Office For Competition



DateNotificationEconomic Sector
6 February 2018COMP-MCCAA/2/2018 - Acquisition by Francis Busuttil & Sons (Marketing) LTD of Charles Darmanin & Co LTDConsumer Goods
7 December 2017COMP-MCCAA/26/2017 - Acquisition of CYKA Limited by Camilleri Holdings LimitedApparel Retail
21 April 2017COMP-MCCAA/9/2017 - Joint Venture between Marlow and Schoeller GroupShipping
20 March 2017COMP-MCCAA/5/2017- Acquisition of Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, AG by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited Insurance
30 June 2016COMP-MCCAA/14/2016 - Acquisition by Argus Group Holdings LimitedInsurance
4 July 2016COMP-MCCAA/15/2016 - Joint Venture between Pater Holding Company Limited, United Group Limited and Tum Invest LimitedMotor Vehicles
27 May 2016COMP-MCCAA/13/2016 - Acquisition by Sportradar AGSports Betting
26 April 2016COMP-MCCAA/10/2016 - Acquisition by Calamatta Cuschieri Group plcInvestments
14 March 2016COMP-MCCAA/9/2016 - Acquisition by KKR & Co. L.P.Flooring and Furniture
27 January 2016COMP-MCCAA/28/2015 – Acquisition of Nomar Distributors by Federated Mills plcDistribution of flour
13 January 2016COMP-MCCAA/1/2016 - Acquisition by Debono Storage Systems Ltd of Storage Systems LimitedStorage
4 January 2016COMP-MCCAA/28/2015 - Acquisition by GO Data Centre Services LimitedIT Services
16 November 2015COMP-MCCAA/25/2015 - Acquisition by Brait CM1 Limited of Iceland TopCo LimitedFood Retail
8 October 2015COMP-MCCAA/11/2015 - Acquisition by P. Cutajar & Co. Ltd of part of Paul Anthony Bonnici Limited and Paul Bonnici & Son LimitedConsumer Goods
1 September 2015COMP-MCCAA/3/2015 - Acquisition of sole control by MIDI plc of Siemens SpA's shares in Solutions and Infrastructure Services LimitedICT Services
1 July 2015COMP-MCCAA/10/2015 - Acquisition by BC Partners of Pharmathen S.A.Pharmaceuticals
15 June 2015COMP-MCCAA/9/2015 - Acquisition of Island Hotels Group Holdings plc by International Hotel Investments p.l.c.Hotel Accomodation
27 March 2015COMP-MCCAA/2/2015 - Merger between Grant Thornton International and EMCS Holdings LimitedBusiness Advisory Services
22 December 2014COMP-MCCAA/24/2014 - Acquisition by KPMG International and Crimsonwing plcIT Advisory Services
27 August 2014COMP-MCCAA/25/2014 - HCS Limited / SSL Holdings LimitedRecruitment and supply of care workers
18 August 2014COMP-MCCAA/23/14 - Ingenico S.A. / GCS Holding B.V.Payment Services
18 August 2014COMP-MCCAA/20/14 - Vernon's Food Manufacturing & Trading Limited / Zammit & Cachia Trading Co. LtdFood products
24 June 2014COMP-MCCAA/14/2014 - Fogg Insurance Agencies Limited / Millennium Insurance Agency LimitedInsurance
3 April 2014COMP-MCCAA/11/2014 – Acquisition of Coastline Hotel Limited by Claret Holdings LtdHotel Accomodation
6 March 2014COMP-MCCAA/06/14 – M&Z (Marketing) Limited /Poultry Products LimitedFrozen and Chilled Products

6 June 2013

COMP-MCCAA/03/2013 - ICT Limited / Information Technology Services LimitedInformation Technology

20 May 2013

COMP-MCCAA/02/2013 - Marsovin Limited / Master Wine Holdings LimitedBeverages

26 February 2013

COMP-MCCAA/01/13 - Mohawk Industries Inc. / Fintiles S.P.A.Various

12 September 2012

COMP-MCCAA/17/2012 - Gasan Enterprises Limited / Mira Holdings Limited / Mira Motor Sales Limited / Associated Motors Company LimitedCompanies are involved in automotive operations

28 September 2011

COMP-MCCAA/44/11 – The Western Union Company / Travelex Holdings LimitedBoth companies are involved in payment services

25 August 2011

COMP-CCD/28/11 - SMS Group Ltd/Mondial Investments LtdBoth companies are involved in the travel sector

13 August 2011

COMP-CCD/35/11 –, Inc/The Book Depositary International LtdBoth companies are involved in online retail
28 June 2011COMP-CCD/25/11 - Island Hotels Group Holdings Plc / Buttigieg Holdings LtdBoth companies are involved in catering
6 June 2011COMP-CCD/28/11 - International Game Technology / Entraction Holding ABBoth companies are involved in gaming