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Land Passenger Rights

Regulation (EU) 181/2011 establishes rules for the rights of passengers when travelling by bus and coach transport. The applicability of the Regulation to Malta is limited in that no bus and coach service operating on the Maltese territory is of a distance of 250km or more. Consequently, in respect of Malta, the following are the rights applicable to all bus and coach services:-

  • The contract conditions and tarrifs applied by carriers shall be offered to the general public without any direct or indirect discrimination based on nationality;
  • Non-discriminatory treatment of disabled persons with reduced mobility;
  • Any loss of or damage to wheelchairs, other mobility equipment or assistive devices needs to be compensated by carriers and terminal managing body;
  • Carriers and terminal managing bodies must provide adequate travel information to passengers;
  • Carriers shall set up and have in place a complaint handling system for the rights and obligations set out in the Regulation.

If you are travelling in another European Union Member State and you are travelling a distance of more than 250km, you have additional rights under Regulation (EU) 181/2011. Click on the below links for more information about your rights:

Trip Cancelled? Delayed for a long time? Bus and Coach carriers have a legal obligation to inform you about your rights and where to complain - English Version, Maltese Version

Bus and coach passenger rights: What you need to know - English Version, Maltese Version


If you are not satisfied with how your rights have been applied:-

  • First contact the carrier within three months of your journey;
  • Briefly summarise your complaint - provide dates, any booking reference, details of anyone you may have spoken to and any relevant documentation. Keep a copy of your documents;
  • If the company does not send a final reply within three months, or you are not satisfied with the company's response, you can lodge a complaint with one of the National Enforcement Bodies within the EU Member States.

Should you require assistance as to the rights under the Regulation and guidance as to the National Enforcement Body best suited to assist you, you may send an email on: buspassengerrights@mccaa.org.mt

Activity Report 2015: Rights of passengers travelling by bus and coach (Regulation (EU) No 181/2011)