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Information On Trust You

MCCAA launched a scheme related to good business practice between entrepreneur/service provider and the consumer. This scheme is envisaged to enhance the trust between the two and therefore enable the consumer to purchase products and services with much greater confidence.

Service providers subscribing to this scheme will have to endorse that they will conform to the local regulations and also that they will be complying with the contents of a code of ethics which will be an important part of the scheme.

The scheme will be a paperless one and will not require any great effort for subscribing to the scheme. Approved service providers will have their details included in the MCCAA website, whilst those approved once found to be breaching the salient points of this code of ethics will be shown on the defaults section and get their certificates withdrawn. Depending on the seriousness of the case, those found guilty in the Consumer Claims Tribunal may also face similar sanctions.

The aim of the Trust Mark scheme is to promote and safeguard consumer interests by helping them identifying those businesses/service providers which promise to abide by a code of conduct where the interest of the consumer is safeguarded.

The code covers the whole service/product acquisition cycle.  This cycle consist of:

  • Enticing – the promotional and advertising stage
  • Negotiating – the pre-procurement stage
  • Purchasing – procurement stage
  • After-sales – post procurement stage

The scheme is open to all those who come in contact with people. The scheme is very simple to follow and the only commitment by those signing-up to participate in the scheme is to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

1. Promoting a customer-friendly relationship.

2. Conforming to all relevant regulations.

3. Doing my best to ensure that the premises are accessible and safe.

4. Advertising and providing information in a way that does not mislead potential customers.

5. Trying to understand customer requirements and advise accordingly.

6. Indicating/quoting prices that are all-inclusive.

7. Adhering to agreed commitments.

8. Ensuring that all complaints are dealt with in a timely manner.

9. Avoiding if possible that disputes are referred to the Consumer Claims Tribunal by opting for resolution through mediation.

10. Providing an adequate after-sales customer service.

For further information kindly email or contact MCCAA on 2395 2714

Application Form for subscribing to the scheme

List of TRUST YOU successful applicants