Office for Consumer Affairs

Information, Education and Research Directorate

The main function of the Information, Education and Research Directorate is to plan and execute ongoing educational campaigns to ensure that both consumers and traders are aware of their rights and obligations under the laws and regulations administered by the Office for Consumer Affairs. These are: 


Cap 510Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority Act
S.L. 510.01Appointment of the President of the Competition and Consumer Appeals Tribunal Regulations
Cap 378Consumer Affairs Act
S.L. 378.01Consumer Claims Tribunal Rules
S.L. 378.02Consumer Claims Tribunal (Designation of Places) Order 
S.L. 378.03Days and Working Hours for the Opening of the Registry of the Consumer Claims Tribunal Regulations
S.L. 378.04Consumer Claims Tribunal (Deposit of Acts) Order
S.L. 378.05 Display of Price-Lists in Bars and Kiosks Regulations 
S.L. 378.06 Notice for the purposes of the interpretation of "trader" in the Consumer Affairs Act 
S.L. 378.07 Consumer Claims Tribunal (Arbiter's Remuneration) Notice 
S.L. 378.09 Consumer Affairs Act (Price Indication) Regulations 
S.L. 378.10 Home Loan (Amendment) Regulations 
S.L. 378.12Consumer Credit Regulations 
S.L. 378.13 Pricing of Air Services Regulations 
S.L. 378.14 Denied Boarding (Compensation and Assistance to Air Passengers) Regulations 
S.L. 378.15 Rights of Passengers in Bus and Coach Transport Regulations 
S.L. 378.16 Rights of Passengers when travelling by Sea and Inland Waterway Regulations 
S.L. 378.17 Consumer Rights Regulations 


Another responsibility of this Directorate is to undertake market studies with a view to identifying and rectifying market failures. 

TV and Radio Programmes

Officers within this Directorate participate on a regular basis in Radio and TV programmes to explain to the general public the legal rights and obligations of consumers. Besides disseminating information, officers also answer the queries of listeners and viewers that call during the programme.

In fact, another important role of this Directorate is that of answering consumers’ queries and provide them with the necessary information and tendering advice on what are their legal rights and obligations.

Printed Media

This Directorate publishes regular articles in local newspapers.  The ‘Sunday Times’ has a consumer page and an article every fortnight is published on 'L-Orizzont' and on ‘In-Nazzjon’. 

Talks in schools and presentations on consumer rights

Throughout the scholastic year information officers visit various local schools (State, Church, and Independent) to deliver talks on consumer rights to both primary and secondary students.

Upon request consumer talks on consumer legislation are also carried out in local councils and during social activities.

Information Meetings

This Directorate is also responsible to organise information meetings, seminars, and conferences where specific consumer related subjects and issues are explained and discussed with experts and the general public.

Future Projects

This Office is currently developing a Mobile App for consumers which can be downloaded on mobile devices. This App will contain information consumers need to be aware of, when purchasing goods, especially when these goods result defective. The App can also be used by consumers to register a complaint with the Office for Consumer Affairs. It will also contain information on what rights consumers have when they buy goods and these result defective and also information on online shopping. This Directorate aims to gradually add more categories within the App so that it can be used by consumers as a complete guide on their rights and responsibilities under the Consumer Affairs Act and other related consumer legislation;