Standards and Metrology Institute


We offer the following services;

Controlled substances

In this section materials are tested for the presence of controlled substances.  Illegal drugs may be present in powders, tablets, liquids or in any other form, as well as in plants.  This section also examines any drug paraphernalia for the presence of illegal substances. 

Controlled substances are screened using color tests and thin layer chromatography (TLC) then identification and confirmation by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

Trace evidence

(i) Gunshot Residue

GSR analysis is performed on evidence from GSR collection kits using an automated scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive x-ray system (SEM/EDX) to confirm the morphology and elemental composition of particles that are detected.

(ii) General Chemical

The analysis of unknown substances for identification is performed using GC/MS.

Our Science & Expertise

The laboratory provides a diverse range of testing services to various clients from the public and private sectors. The impartiality and competences of the laboratory are particularly attractive to clients who require testing for reasons of trade, quality and conformity, procurement, regulatory purposes, consumer protection and environment.

Laboratory Facilities include Inductively Coupled Plasma OE and MS Spectrophotometers, Atomic absorption Spectrophotometers, Ultraviolet and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Photo Diode Array, UV/VIS and Fluorescence Detectors, High Performance Ion Chromatography, Gas Liquid Chromatography with NPD, ITD, ECD and FID Detectors, Gas Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometers, Enzyme Linked Immuno-assay Equipment, Total Organic Carbon Analyser, Automated Food Analysis Equipment, Water and Environmental Analytical equipment, Automated Pesticide Residue Analysis, Microbiological Analysis, Pharmaceutical Testing Equipment, Paint Testing Equipment, Comparative Microscopy, Dark room facilities and Mechanical Testing Facilities.

Additional lab facility: MNL has recently set up a road testing facility – regarding primarily sampling and testing, research and development services on materials and works in respect of road engineering, construction, maintenance and related infrastructural workstesting Equipment and Road Markings – in collaboration with a foreign accredited laboratory


The laboratory’s strategic vision for the future is differentiation through added value for its clients. It follows that built-in quality is an integral component of the product portfolio, indeed of its entire business philosophy, as much in terms of the technical competence of its testing services, as its commitment to timeliness and customer support.

The laboratory participates in proficiency testing schemes run by internationally recognized institutions, thereby ensuring the accuracy, precision and repeatability of its results.

It is the management’s intention for the short term to build on its accreditation experience in order to widen its accreditation portfolio in response to market and regulatory realities.