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CLP 2015

Review the classification and labelling of your mixtures!

From 1 June 2015, the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation will be the only legislation to apply to the classification and labelling of both substances and mixtures. CLP requires companies to classify, label and package their hazardous chemicals appropriately before placing them on the market.

The classification and labelling of hazardous chemicals is based on the Globally Harmonised System, agreed in the UN. Its purpose is to ensure a high level of protection of health and the environment, as well as the free movement of substances, mixtures and articles.

The obligations under the CLP Regulation are similar to the previous EU legislation; however, there are some important differences. An enormous number of products must be re-labelled to comply with CLP, including consumer items such as paints or detergents, as well as industrial mixtures.

Get to know the CLP requirements and implement them! 

To (re)classify and label your mixtures you can:

  • Use the information provided by your supplier in the safety data sheet (SDS)
  • Check ECHA's Classification and Labelling Inventory to find out how others have classified and labelled the relevant substances
  • Make use of the harmonised classification and labelling for the most hazardous chemicals on the EU market 
  • Use the classification and labelling information from your suppliers if you refill, repackage or reimport hazardous chemicals into the EU without changing their composition

Key information in 23 official EU languages 

  • The Classification and Labelling Inventory includes translations for the substances with harmonised classification
  • ECHA-term gives the opportunity to download the hazard and precautionary statements in 23 official EU languages.
  • Web pages on mixture classification offer a stepwise approach to classifying mixtures.


Mixture Classification

Are you an importer or a formulator of mixtures within the EU/EEA?

If you are, you are responsible for the classification, labelling and packaging of the mixture you place on the market (i.e. mixtures you import into the EU/EEA or formulate for further supply) in accordance with the CLP Regulation. You need to be aware of the hazards of the mixture imported or formulated and you need to communicate them in your supply chain.

Distributors of mixtures also have obligations under CLP e.g. to make sure that the label and the packaging is in accordance with CLP.

In fulfilling your obligation to classify and label your mixture and to compile the safety data sheet (SDS), commercial classification, labelling and SDS software systems can be particularly useful. However, please bear in mind that even when using software or external expertise, you are still responsible for the final classification of your mixture.


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