Standards and Metrology Institute

Certification of Language Study Tour Providers to MSA EN 14804


This European Standard is intended to be used by language study tour providers and certification bodies for conformity assessment activities to assist clients to make an informed choice of language study tour programmes, and to increase the likelihood of expectations being met and of satisfaction being enhanced.

Language study tour providers will also benefit from better informed clients.


This European Standard specifies requirements for language study tour providers, including schools, tour operators and agents. In particular, this European Standard specifies quality service levels for classroom based face-to-face language teaching abroad, and any related services, including accommodation, leisure programme and travel services, that can make up language study programmes.


SMI Certification Unit offers certification against the European standard MSA EN 14804 to Language Study Tour Providers that adopt systems based on the requirements of the standard. For further information please contact the Head of SMI Certification.

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