Standards and Metrology Institute

Metrology Directorate Calibration Services

The labs have been progressively built up from 2004 and today boast 7 measurement quantities supported by state of the art equipment and highly skilled scientists and technicians. The fields of operation are in:

Dimension: Verifciaton of block gauges up to  100mm length, class K in steel, tungsten carbide and ceramic using mechanical comparators.

Electricity: Calibration of DC/AC electrical devices up to 1 kV, 20 A, 1.1 MΩ with reference multifunction electrical calibrator and 8.5digit multimeter.

Humidity: Calibration of humidity sensors using a 'two-pressure' test enclosure and a  reference high precision chill mirror hygrometer for test device calibration between -10°C to 70°C  at 10 % to 90%.

Mass: Mass standard calibration for the ranges : 1mg to 50kg at E2   and up to  1tonne at M1. The lab carries out calibration on the full range of laboratory and industrial weighing systems on site  and at customers. The lab has   30 Tonnes of calibrated, traceable mass standards. Calibration of weigh bridge systems up to 80 Tonnes can be undertaken.

Pressure: Calibration of analogue and digital manometers from 10 kPa up to 20 MPa, using gas medium and from 100 kPa up to 200 MPa using oil medium. Primary standard pressure balances are available in house together with secondary pressure transfer standards for use in off site calibration work.

Temperature: Calibration of contact thermometry sensing devices between the temperatures of -80°C to 550°C in liquid medium  comparisiion baths  and fixed point capability. On site validation of pharmaceutical storage facilities, cold rooms, freezers, truck mounted  refrigeration and frezzer units, autoclaves, pasteurizers,incubators together with  onsite temperature sensor calibrations using liquid medium baths and dryblocks.

Time and frequency: Calibration of watches, timers and stop watches.

Calibration of transferable standards are carried out in our state of the art laboratories situated in the Kordin Business Incubation Centre. MCCAA-SMI has the capability of performing on site work for its customers in the areas indicated above. Any custom requirement from clients will be assessed for technical feasibility and solutions actively sought out . 

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